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Scattering Ashes at Sea
Celebrating the life of a loved one

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Scattering Ashes Scattering of ashes at sea is a time-honoured tradition widely accepted throughout the world.If your loved one loved the sea, it is a fitting way they can rest and be at one with the ocean and the world.This can be a beautiful, ceremony and a very healing way of returning a loved one to nature.

A memorial service on the sea attended by family and loved ones is a caring, peaceful and affordable way of saying good bye.There is no need to venture too far out to sea, the tranquil waters just off Fremantle provides the perfect picturesque location.

Upon arrival of the requested position the vessel’s motor will be turned off to allow us to float in a peaceful atmosphere. Your chosen music can be played during the ceremony.

You can disperse the cremated remains into the sea directly or alternatively in a water-soluble cremation urn that floats for a few minutes then slowly sinks and dissolves. You may consider tossing flower petals, flowers or a wreath into the water as a tribute.

The navigational coordinates of the site are recorded by the Captain of the vessel so that you can revisit this exact location again in the future to remember and reflect.

Our experienced crew are totally flexible on how you would like to conduct the ceremony.

If your loved one was a mariner or just loved the sea we can perform a traditional mariner’s ceremony. When arriving at the requested position the vessel will circle to the left meaning “Turning back the hands of time”. At the completion of the ceremony a crew member will ring the ships bell eight times which is a nautical euphemism meaning a sailor has “Finished his or her final watch”. On the last bell is when the flowers or wreath is tossed to indicate the last act of letting go.

The ashes will now begin their new journey, carried by the current forever. The vessel then circles the ashes to the right meaning “Time and life goes on”.

Time permitting, we could do a short cruise of Fremantle harbour so family and friends can have a drink, chat and share memories of the deceased.

Passengers will be briefed on safety procedures before departure.

No permit is required to scatter ashes into the sea.

We guarantee a quality service so you will enjoy that special day to celebrate the life of your loved one and make the day a memorable occasion. Complementary tea and coffee.

You can BYO alcohol and food to celebrate the occasion.

Prices start from $675.00 for a 2-hour charter